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How to Print an Easy T-Shirt with Stencils

Posted by Keenan on December 29, 2013 at 8:10 PM

T-shirts are a huge part of our daily lives. Every shirt expresses a different message and carries a different story. If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own t-shirt, now is your opportunity. You can create a low-cost, high-style shirt with only a few hours of work.

Before you jump right in, you will need to print out (or purchase) a durable stencil. Printed stencils have to be cut meticulously in order to guarantee perfection on your printed shirt. Use a craft knife in order to cut the miniscule details of a printed stencil. However, if you purchased a stencil, it is ready to be used immediately. Now that your stencil is ready to go, lay a t-shirt on a flat, protected work environment, and place cardboard (or another thick material) inside the shirt. This will prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of the shirt. Finally, place your stencil where your design will be printed(on top of the shirt). You are now ready to begin painting.

To print your design, you may either use a brush and fabric paint, or use spray-paint for a quick job. Remember to wear a respirator, and work in an unenclosed area to protect yourself from the aerosol’s inhalant effects. Simply brush a few coats of paint over the stencil. If you’re using spray-paint, quickly spray several coats of paint on the shirt. Whether you use a brush and paint, or use spray-paint, make sure to remove the stencil immediately to stop it from sticking. After about 4 hours, the paint will dry. You must wait 72 hours, however, before washing your shirt.

You now have your own self-designed and printed t-shirt! Wear it everywhere you go! And when your friends ask where you snagged such a great shirt, you’ll surprise them--you made it yourself!

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